Baxter Farm & Forest


Logging Southern New England 

                  CT  RI  MA


Baxter Farm & Forest, a one man - one machine operation, has been owned and operated by Lee Baxter for over 30 years.  Lee harvests timber in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Lee recognizes the importance of environmental safety and business practices to ensure that forest products are harvested in a sustainable manner.  A true master in the forest.

Lee's goal is to prepare a forest for future generations.  He is environmentally conscious, aware and continuously improves his strategies and skills to keep a healthier forest and preserve our wildlife habitat.  Lee exceeds expectations for quality, trust, knowledge and price.  Taking pride in giving landowners superior service and showing them that they can trust in his work, Lee holds an exceptional reputation for his skills, commitment and consistency in the woods.  Lee is an environmentally conscious professional, who quickly gained a reputation for friendliness to landowners and friendliness to the forest.  In November of 2004, Lee was recognized by RIFCO, Rhode Island Forest Conservator's Organization and awarded the "Friend of the Forest" for outstanding effort and achievement ensuring the protection and sustainability of Rhode Island's public and privately owned forested land.  In 2007 Lee was praised for outstanding logging practices performed in the Yale University Forest in Connecticut.  

Baxter Farm & Forest harvests wood products - timber, firewood, and pulp wood.  Services start with meeting the landowner and forester to review the management plan, maps, boundaries, forest aesthetics, sensitive areas, water areas, time lines and sustainability of the forest ecosystems.  After the timber sale agreement is signed trails are established taking steps to protect water quality, and prevent soil erosion.  With all the above in place, chainsaw felling begins.  Wood products are then transported by a Valmet Forwarder (above photo) to a roadside landing for pick up.  At the close of the project a meeting is conducted to review the mangement plan.  The overall goal of Baxter Farm & Forest is to extract the primary needed materials without compromising the integrity of our forest land and wildlife.